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Theodore A. Vierra

"Always Remember - You are Hawaiian"


This is a biography of Theodore A. Vierra, his life and architectual from 1902 to 1987.  He was the architect for our present church sanctuary.


Painting with Light

"Painting with Light"


This book is about Erica Kawarina, a renowned stained glass artist who did all the stained glass windows in our sanctuary.  See the various stained glass in our History Section:  The Stained Glass Windows"

Haleiwa, A Pictoral History

This book by Tom Jacobs, a long time resident of the Northshore,  records through photographs by Bill Raumerhaus, historic Haleiwa Town. Included in this book are photos of Liliuʻokalani Protestant Church. 

Na Himeni O Ka Ekalesia

Na Himeni O Ka Ekalesia (The Hymns of the Church) is a Hawaiian hymnal. All songs are in the Hawaiian language. The logo on the cover represents the taro plant in the form of a cross. The taro plant symbolizes the family. This book includes both traditional and contemporary hymns. "Na Himeni O Ka Ekalesia" is the 11th edition of a Hawaiian hymnbook that dates back to 1821 when the earliest Protestant missionaries first translated their favorite songs of worship and praise into the language spoken by their island converts. It is the only Hawaiian hymnbook printed in the world.

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