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(We our currently working on our payment link which should be up and running shortly. You can still purchase these at our Queen's Market held each Sunday on the Church grounds from 1:00 - 5:00 pm each Sunday, by calling our church office at (808) 637-9364 or stopping by the church.)



Na Himeni Hymnal
LPC Cookbook

Favorite recipes of Church members and friends will complement any kitchen. It is filled with local recipes and even includes a favorite of the late Senator Daniel Inouye.

LPC T-Shirts

These beautiful T-shirts are imprinted with the 'iwa bird on the front and our church on the back.

LPC Cross and Night Blooming Cereus Notecards

The Night blooming Cereus grows on the entry archway and stonewall that surrounds our church. Night-blooming cereus is the common name referring to a large number of flowering cereus cacti that bloom at night. The flowers are short lived.

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