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“Be faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life. Faithfulness is always unto death, for this is the focal point of all human experience. No one escapes the sting of death. Beyond death there is God. God will recall from the dust that which has returned to dust, and unto the faithful he will give the crown of life. The crown and the plant form speak of this living hope which is the possession of Christs’ Church”. (The Reverend Dr. Samuel M. Saffery, Sr.)


     From these words of the late Rev. Samuel Saffery, Sr., was created the theme for the stained glass windows in memory of the beloved church members and friends of the Lili’uokalani Church. Erica Karawina, a designer renown for her stained glass windows in churches throughout the United States, was invited to design and create the windows. Her creations are symbolic of his words and verses from the Bible.

     The Rose Window at the entry of our sanctuary was designed in January 1959 as a memorial honoring church members who had contributed to the church building fund but did not live to see the sanctuary completed.


Erica Karawina

(25 January 1904-19 April 2003)

Beginning with the "Rose Window" above the outside entrance and moving from the left of the inner entrance to the alter and back to the entrance on the right:

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