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Happy Birthday to you!

To Jesus be true,  

May God's special blessings,

Be placed upon you.


Prayers Needed


Pray for:

May Ke Akua lay his healing hands upon the following people as well as others not listed.

 May he bless them with comfort and strength.


Jimmy Aarona, DJ Almeida, Helen Bajo, Steve Ballard, Senuwya Barker, Lola Brown, Edwina Bush, Ann Cabacungan, Diane Canon, Yvonne Cox, Carol Custino, Tina Gomerac, Esther and Joseph Grilho, Joe Guyton, Duane Hammerstrom, Tyler Kaio, Syd Kawahakui, Leatrice Kawamura, Vernon Kishinami, "Boy" Mark, Mama Kahu Rica Merseberg,  Loren Nelson, Jacob Ng, Ryan Normandin, 

Gary Paracuelles, Lynn Passos, Girlie Perreira, Laurie Plemer, Margaret Roy, Bill Satterwaite, Jim and Edna Stewart, Dream Taum, Ron Toma, Norman Yates, and Susan Young.


Special prayers for both the military and civilians who serve our country both at home and around and to all those families that have lost loves ones, Lord God, please grant them much healing, peace, and aloha.



In the News

If you have a celebration you would like to share, please let us know. 

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