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8:30 am  Sunday School

9:45 a.m. Singspiration
10:00 am Sunday Services

COMMUNION:1st Sunday of the month


Board and Committee Meetings

Board of Education     

Board of Stewardship  

Board of Deacons       

Building & Grounds      

Music Committee        

Council Meeting







Each year brings new challenges to our Stewardship efforts. This year our challenge seems almost insurmountable. We do believe, however, that God will provide.  We understand that this is a difficult time to ask for your kokua especially in such hard economic times. However, Jesus said that “we do not receive because we do not ask” and so we ask that you pray and look into your hearts and contribute what God leads you to in the support of a full time minister to help us grow in a ministry so needed here on the North Shore.
Please send contributions to:
     Liliʻuokalani Protestant Church
     P.O. Box 187 
     Haleiwa, Hawaii  96712


The office of deacon in today’s church has its roots in the office of 

deacon in the early church. The word deacon comes from the Greek word

diakonos which means servant. Deacons give leadership to the 

church’s ministry of serving the physical and spiritual needs of members and people beyond the church. If you feel called to serve as a Deacon, please let the Board of Deacons know. 


Other Boards and Committees could use help as well. We do need member participation so that members do not have to serve on more than one committee which overly taxes their personal time.  



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